Monday, April 27, 2015

The Real Meaning of Manifesting Your Life

Just look at this doodle.  It looks like a lot of stuff doesn't it?  Almost too much to process?  Yes, that's exactly where I'd landed when I realized that this was the very point. 

Every day I'm bombarded by sensory input and it's a gigantic soup of experience.  Life buzzes, chirps, whizzes, and whirs and the only way to make sense of it all is to group, categorize, and name parts of the soup and call them Things.  I need to understand that a part of the soup that we label BUS just might run me over if I step out in front of it.  But it's not separate from the scenery and so the mind does its job of separating and pulling it apart... car, bus, motorcycle, street.  None of it would be separated except through thought because from what I can see all of the images are just present in one large canvas.  Sounds overlap and intrude on each other, but I can separate music from car horns.  Look!  See?  I've just named them!

Are there ever not things?  I realize that when I'm daydreaming or lost in the world of thoughts about future or past, I can stare at the scenery or listen to the sounds for moments at a time without recognition of any specific thing at all.  I literally think the things into existence.  As soon as thought enters, things magically appear.  You might even say that they 'manifest', though not in the way the new age books like to tell me they do.

Questions for Investigation:

What separates things? What makes up the borders? Can we pluck a thing out of the scenery in front of us? If not, is it truly separate or is it thought about variation in observed qualities which makes it so?

Tools for Ongoing Inquiry:

The next time you are watching television, look at the screen and see whether you can pluck an object from the scene. Are there objects existing inside the screen or is the image a seamless whole? What is it that makes it seem as though there are separate objects in the picture? Are they truly separated?

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