Hi!  My name's Delma.

And here's a picture of kissing the sky in June of 2011.  It's taken just weeks after an intense and anxiety-ridden search for happiness ended and everything I thought I knew about life and reality, love, and suffering, was uprooted in the best possible way.

What was the discovery? 

That despite appearances to the contrary, each moment of this Life is already a completely fresh and clean slate, with absolutely no exceptions and no regrets.  That there is no need to grasp for happiness.  There has never been a history to leave behind, and there is no future  that needs to be worried about.  Not only that, but everything is always Just. Fine.  That LOVE WINS ALL.

How was this realized? 

Through the clear and practical seeing that there is no separate and inherent me here being threatened by the events of life, that life, even in its most heartwrenching moments (and yes those moments do still come) is whole, rich, juicy, all-inclusive, and awe-inspiring.

Enter this blog

The discovery was something that just had to be shared and what better way to do it than through the internet?  I immediately began volunteering on several web sites such as LiberationUnleashed and  No-Self.com (these resources, like this blog, are also free).  The folks at those two sites along with the now defunct Ruthless Truth are those to whom I owe a debt of gratitude the volunteers on those sites will never ask be repaid. 

Why a blog, and why free? 

To pay it forward.  Because blogs are widely accessible and it's time the mystery surrounding awakening was removed, and the tools to bring about realization were passed on. 

Through a collaborative effort with artist Ingrid Lill,  I began writing out step-by-step direct inquiry not to give answers, but to demonstrate the method others taught to me.  With just one tool called, "Looking", I was able to undertake and continue my own simple and factual investigation into reality.  You'll find it's much simpler than you can imagine, so very simple that it's entirely dismissed.

The Lill Inquiries and Tabula Rasa blogs do not attempt to teach beliefs.  They are meant to for you to take inquiry into your own hands and be a lamp unto yourself.  The posts should point you straight to the heart of your own discovery of what teachers like Eckhart Tolle, Jeff Foster, Sailor Bob Adamson, and Adyashanti talk about.
Set yourself on the way to designing your own inquiries and finding your own truth.


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