What Is Inquiry?

Enlightenment via the internet is an incredibly booming phenomenon.  Join in!  The sangha and satsang is now streamed from all over the world, right to our homes and computers, and finding groups of people who will help you with your inquiry, free of charge, has never been easier.

Yep.  I'm one of those people.  And this blog gives you a window into my world of inquiry so that you can snag some ideas as to ways in which it can be done.

So.....What is Inquiry?

It's a simiple look at reality without the layer of thought.  While simple, it's often elusive, and through this blog, you will understand why.  You'll also understand how to undertake your own inquiry which reveals insights rather than adopted beliefs.  You'll rest on your own understanding and stop quoting spiritual teachers in the hopes that their words will somehow "sink in".  They won't.  But your own inquiry will.

So follow me as I work through the nondual doodles created by artist Ingrid Lill.  If you'd like the entire collection, they can be found on facebook.


Enlightement and the Internet around the Web




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