When Inquiry Is and Isn't Spritual

I used to think that you needed to be spiritual in order to do inquiry, that it had something to do with the soul or spirit, or that I needed a formal practice to get it done right.  An alter of some sort seemed fitting, and maybe some candles or the adoption of a good ritual or two.  I was wrong.  All you need just one question, repeated sincerely and relentlessly:

Is it true?

There are lots of people who still think that the list above is a prerequisite to awakening, and in those cases they're right.  Why?  And why the dichotomy?  Well, if you believe that you need those things in order to wake up, then you actually do.  There is no path and no correct way to do this.  Just get it done, in whichever way feels right.

Because once you wake up, you'll see that none of that ever mattered.

This blog and the exercises require no spirituality, no belief, and no dogma.  They are not about becoming more evolved and they're not about transcending anything except for your own thoughts.
And eventually, that's not transcended either, just seen for what it is.

You need nothing but yourself, and a sincere desire to investigate reality.

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