Sunday, April 19, 2015

How I Woke Up with Just One Look

Here's an excerpt from something I'd written the very first time I was asked what my moment of "seeing" looked like.  Every time I read this, the AHA! comes back to me fresh and new, but more than that, the account is simple and direct, exactly as the act of seeing happened.

To set this up, know that I'd been working on the inquiry by reading a forum which came before liberation unleashed but the idea was the same.... it consisted of dialogues between seekers and guides, though "dialogues" is not exactly accurate.  That's because the guides had distilled the message or pointer to "Just Look".  The directive became my mantra and two weeks after finding the forum, "it" happened.

Here it is:

Last Sunday after a couple of weeks of reading (yet more new) posts on this [Ruthless Truth]  site, then finding the exercises on, I dropped all the assumptions and spiritual "knowledge" and just looked. Plain and simple. 

(and now it's amazing how easy it was if your advice had been followed from the beginning.)

Yes, I saw my computer monitor. I saw my lamp... the mouse, the pen, the windows, sheets of paper, legs, arms, fingers, and became annoyed by a film of the tiniest specks of dust. Then I looked for the smallest evidence of a tangible Me. That's when it first hit. How was is possible to see a single speck of dust more clearly than I could see a Me? Where the hell was I? And if I wasn't able to find myself RIGHT THERE WHERE I THOUGHT I WAS SITTING, then WHERE COULD I POSSIBLY BE? 

It's plain and simple. Look for the Me, the Myself, the Self, the Doer, the Thinker, the Seer, the Hearer and you'll not even be able to find something less than those specks of dust piling up on the printer.

That was it.  And every time I do a new inquiry, I follow the same strategy and distill it down to "just looking".

It's the key.

To read more about the moment of seeing, you can read it on my other blog here:  Tabula Rasa

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