Sunday, May 17, 2015

Meanwhile, Ingen Discovers Eternity.

There I was in my last post, dangling on the precipice of my sometimes regrettable past while trying to not fall to hard into a hazy but hope-filled future.  This incredible feat was a tip-of-the-toe pirouette on the sharp and cutting edge of this single point of time called "Now".  Why the treacherous balancing act?  Because that's what all of the spiritual books say will make me happy.

It wasn't working. The "now" was too small to fit all of the thoughts about I was supposed to be doing at the moment, in the one immediately previous, and all the while ensuring I didn't fall into the next one unprepared.  It seemed exhausting.

It was also very obvious that the inquiry into Time and Now wasn't over.  Further investigation into "Reality-As-It-Is" was called for.

Here goes.

I'd already come to the understanding that there is only Now (see my previous post).  But it still seemed that there was this time-bubble called 'me' which was separate.  This was the thing that reflected on the past, sat in the now, and worried about the future.  It's as though there were four things, all somehow related to a me who had to track her place relative to each one.  It's no wonder I'm tired.

So then where is this Past that is not here, and therefore is separate from the me that's in the Now?  How would it be possible for it to exist as 'my past' without yours truly as central character?  The same question holds true for the Future.  If it's out there without me, then it's certainly not My future, because I'm not there yet.  I'm right here in the Now.  Or at least I thought I was before that last inquiry when I couldn't find This Moment either, except as a continuous eternity without measurement.  Time has no edges for me to be contained "in".

Does this make me eternal?!!

There is Past, Present, and Future, existing nowhere, and I've just discovered that I'm not in any of them.  When am I?

Questions for Investigation:

Does "Your" past exist outside of the idea of a you who has experienced it?  Where is the past or future right now?  Is the Past, Future, and Present separate from the You?

Tools for Ongoing Inquiry:

Note the times you feel that you are not Living in the Moment.  Is that feeling happening outside of the present moment?

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